Our Mission

Corarda is a nonprofit, public online library of the most popular resources for artists. Our goal is to provide guidance to artists in their research for knowledge, growth, and opportunity. We strongly believe the best artists are those who stay students for life. At this time, this site accommodates for 2D and 3D artists focused on storytelling.  

what is 'corarda'?

The name Corarda derives from the Latin words 'cor' (heart) and 'ardent' (burning). This represents the passion and curiosity we see in artists. 


Corarda was founded in 2017 by Mina Roy, a character designer in upstate New York. Since 2010, Roy has dedicated her life to studying and creating stories and art. Through her extensive studies of the animation industry, video game industry, children's book industry, and freelancing artists community, Roy realized it took a lot of time to find reliable resources to study and grow as an artists. Even more so, she noticed there wasn't one go-to location to learn about any of these resources. Many resources used today were gathered from word-of-mouth through students and professionals. To help bridge this gap, Roy decided to create the first online resources library dedicated to 2D and 3D storytelling artists.