Bobby Chiu: James Gurney

Bobby interviews one of his artistic heroes: James Gurney. James is the artist and author best known for his illustrated book series Dinotopia. He specializes in painting realistic images of scenes that can’t be photographed, from dinosaurs to ancient civilizations. He is also a dedicated plein air (outdoor) painter and sketcher, believing that making studies directly from observation fuels his imagination. Some of the topics we covered:

• How did I learn art before the internet?
• The importance of working from memory
• How to paint moving subjects
• How many hours per day should a young artist draw?
• Do you think about brushstrokes when you're painting?
• What's the most valuable kind of critique?
• How Ray Harryhausen inspired me.
• Is computer technology good for artists?
• What are the benefits of gouache?
• What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?