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These definitions should be used as a way to gain better understanding of different job titles. These definitions are meant to be simple and summarized. Many thanks goes to friends in the industry for helping me define all these positions accurately. 


  • This can be any job listed below; just entirely funded and run by you. 
  • This is a job that doesn't exist yet. People who are hiring this position just don't know it yet. 
  • This is a job that doesn't exist yet. No one else realizes it's needed, except you. 
 Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch, Benedict) in " Sherlock Holmes"  (McGuigan, Paul) Season 1, Episode 1  "A Study in Pink"  (2010)

Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch, Benedict) in "Sherlock Holmes" (McGuigan, Paul) Season 1, Episode 1 "A Study in Pink" (2010)

Animation is the process of creating illusion of motion when presented as a sequence. Animation is often described as embodying both an actor and puppet master. 

  • Character Animator
    • An animator who animates characters in feature film and television shows. 
  • Cinematic Animator
    • An animator who animates the cinematic / movie moments in video games. These often appear in cut scenes when jumping from one chapter to another, as well as trailers. 

Illustration is a stand-alone painting that tells a story. These paintings can be part of a series. 

  • Illustrator
    • An artist who paints a picture, and tells a story. This can fit under any genre including fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc. 
  • Editorial Artist
    • An artist who draws cartoons or stylized art for editorials such as newspapers that contains some level of political or social commentary.
  • Children's Book Artist
    • An artist who draws and paints illustrations for children's books. Children's books can range from infants to teenagers (or young adults). 
  • Comic Artist
    • An artist working within the comics medium on comic strips, comic books, or graphic novels.

Concept design can fall under multiple titles, but for this purpose it's to embody all the 2D artist roles in a feature film, television show, or video game industry.

  • Concept Artist
    • An artist who creates concepts and designs for a story that does not have preexisting art. This can also be considered the 'world building' stage for art. 
  • Visual Development Artist
    • An artist who creates designs after a world theme has been established. This can break into specified positions such as character design, environment design, and so forth. Visual development embodies all of these positions. 
  • Character Designer
    • An artist who designs characters for feature film and television shows. This can sometimes include animal or creature designs if the story does not call for lots of animals/creatures. 
  • Character Artist
    • An artist who designs 3D sculpted characters for video games. 
  • Environment Artist
    • An artist who designs the environments the characters will inhabit. This includes both interior and exterior designs, and may include matte paintings or 3D sculpting. 
  • Pre-production Artist
    • An artist who polishes design to final render/publishing quality based from a visual development artists' designs. 
  • User Interface (UI) Artist
    • An artist who designs all the components a viewer (user) will interact with. This includes features you'll find in a menu or display such as buttons, items, trophies, and more. This position is commonly hired by video game companies. 


  • Graphic Designer - 
  • Logo Designer -