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Make your passion your profession. Online Courses from The Lamp Post Guild.


Concept Art/Illustration

Brainstorm School is a concept art, design and illustration focused private learning center based in Burbank, Ca.  Artist's from around the world gather to learn & develop in our friendly community. 

exceptional minds


Exceptional Minds (EM) is a nonprofit vocational school and working studio that prepares young adults on the autism spectrum for careers in digital animation and visual effects. 

making comics


The project is aimed promoting comic arts and graphic storytelling to a worldwide audience through the use of free and up to date learning materials. has the bold goal of becoming the largest, and most useful, online repository of comic-making educational material.

Society of Visual storytelling


Follow your dreams. Become a children's book illustrator. Illustrate a graphic novel. Show your work in galleries. Subscribe to SVS and we will show you how. 

Stan Winston School of Character Arts


Stan Winston School is the world's premiere online destination for learning the art & technology of character creation from Award-winning industry professionals.



Here, animation students learn with the best industry pros in the world right from home. Students learn directly from inspiring animation examples made by the instructors!

animation mentor


3D Animation taught by top industry professionals. Learn about our Online Studio School and work in a real studio with AMP™ pipeline.



Animsquad offers online animation workshops, each fine-tuned and balanced to the student's educational needs. 

smart school


Full Mentorships with Rebecca Leveille, Dan Dos Santos, Greg Manchess, Scott Fischer, Todd Lockwood, Donato Giancola and Figure Boot Camp Basics & Beginning Illustration with Marc Scheff.



Variety of Content

Formally Digital Tutors. The more you learn, the smarter we get! Once you start learning, we'll know what kind
of courses to recommend. Jump into our features below to find something to learn.


Variety of Content

Gumroad helps creators take control of their creative careers.


Variety of Content

When you choose Schoolism for your art education, you will learn to draw, paint, and design from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost of traditional art school. 

oatley academy

Variety of Content

Whether you're pursuing concept art, illustration, character design, storyboarding, comics, animation, children's books, novel writing or screenwriting, we'll help you find your voice, draw a crowd and get paid to be creative.

khan academy

Variety of Content

You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.

If interested only in the arts, you can go to Art History or Computer Animation.

pixar in a box

Variety of Content

Pixar in a Box is a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs. This collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy is sponsored by Disney.

taught by a pro

Variety of Content

We know you are busy and want to learn on your time. That is why we provide access to the best online courses from animation, comic strip, illustration and character design professionals anytime and anywhere.

art camp


I will teach you to be a better artist. That's the promise I made to students years ago when I launched Art Camp in 2013. Since then hundreds of artists have taken the courses and become better artists.

cg master academy

Painting & Design

CG Master Academy (CGMA) is an online community dedicated to helping artists develop and cultivate their creative talents.

pencil kings

Painting & Design

Join thousands of artists already learning from the courses, live workshops and private community.



With iAnimate you're in direct contact with veteran animators from the biggest & best studios in our industry. 

studio technique

Figure Study & Animation

Studio Technique is an artistic training studio, proudly responsible for training and consultation services to the animation industry's top production studios.

new masters academy

Figure Study

New Masters Academy is an online, subscription-based educational institution for fine artists providing online video lessons, 3d anatomical reference, and other resources.

animation career review

Animation & Design
Research Online

THE source for aspiring animation, design, and gaming professionals seeking info on training programs, schools and colleges, software and technology, career profiles, profiles of the leading industry firms, and more.

animation collaborative

Animation & Design
Emeryville, CA

The Animation collaborative offers in-person, a la carte education from some of the top artists in the animation industry and is located across the street from Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville!

Illustration master class

Amherst, MA

Illustration Master Class (IMC) is a one-week onsite education program where you can learn from some of the best artists in the illustration industry. 


Variety of Content
Burbank, CA

CalArts is a unique institution, offering a rigorous program across the entire spectrum of the arts and focused on educating exceptionally-talented artists who challenge established practices and drive innovation. CalArts produces artists who strive to transform the arts, to lead new creative enterprises, and to dedicate their lives to giving back to their communities.


Variety of Content
Hollywood, CA

Gnomon specializes in computer graphics education for careers in the entertainment industry.

academy of art

Variety of Content
San Francisco, CA

Academy of Art University has always existed on the vanguard of innovation and creativity.All that's required is a passion for learning and developing your skills as an artist.


Variety of Content
Pasedena, CA

At ArtCenter, we educate artists and designers to make a positive impact in their chosen fields—as well as the world at large.

silvertoon's home studio mentorship

Design for Animation
Simi Valley, CA

Silver Drawing Academy is an art school driven by the goal of helping you improve your drawing ability through live classes located in Simi Valley, California. 

ringling college of art + design

Variety of Content
Sarasota, FL

Since 1931, creatives from every corner of the world come to Ringling College of Art and Design to deepen, transform, and explore their passions. Our 1,300 students are fueled by a need to create—and we deliver the tools to turn passion into profession: an award-winning faculty, cutting-edge technology, and a supportive, creative community.


Animation & Design

Gobelins is ranked the No. 1 animation school worldwide.


Design for Entertainment

This venture [FZD] was established to train professionals and students who want to break into the entertainment design industry. This type of specialized education is rarely available in Asia.