Booth Setup

Estimated for 1-7 days

Whether you're traveling to a local convention or one out of state, you'll want to travel with your essentials and not forget anything. The purpose behind this list is to get you thinking. These were the most popular items to not forget when planning for a convention. 


  • cooling device for yourself
  • water
  • small snacks
  • extension cable

law and money

  • copy of sellers permit
  • card reader (if accepting credit/debit)
  • cash box
    • highly recommend adding a few $1 and $5 bills for cash returns
  • sales receipts
  • price sheet
  • pen


  • table cloth (x2)
    • table cover
    • cover table at end of day
  • banner
    • backup zip-ties or hooks
    • duct tape
  • bin/shelf to display art


  • the actual merchandise
  • plastic bags for merchandise protection
  • brochures / business cards
  • sharpie
  • suitcase/dollie