Strangehollow - An Art Book by Emily Hare


A fully illustrated art book filled with unusual creatures and extraordinary beings from a vast enchanted forest.

"Mischief is the only word that can be used in regard to Brownies. They are small, they are noisy and they are the biggest show-offs you are ever likely to meet.

Naked and hairy with outrageous hair and beards, pink naked bottoms and sticky-out ears, they are, on the surface, seemingly harmless and rather amusing."  - Excerpt from Strangehollow

Hi, I’m Emily and I have been fascinated by everything to do with myths, folklore and fairytales since I was a very little person. I suspect that one reason I was so drawn to the strange and mysterious side of things is that I grew up living next to a tumbledown old barrow known as The Fairy Toot, and I'm sure some of the strange fairy magic made its way into my subconscious. 

Your pledge will help me to produce a beautiful art book filled with whimsical watercolour paintings and drawings. I am so excited to share Strangehollow with you!